Welcome to our creative concept atelier for photographers, editors, event and industry entrepreneurs. We've designed a beautiful multi-purpose space to accommodate the needs of the creative community. Shoot in our gorgeous photo studio, meet with clients in our hip conference room, rent a monthly desk in our co-working space, or become a member to access the space in your own personalized way.


Not every creative comes with the same needs so we have crafted two membership packages that come with unique benefits and amenities.Our Atelier offers a Resident package for sole proprietors looking for a constructive environment to grow their business. As a Resident, you'll gain full Atelier access with all the amenities, including a private desk, communal kitchen, complimentary printing and high speed internet. The Resident package includes 10 hours of dedicated studio / think tank time, and discounted rates on additional rental hours.


Resident contracts are available in 3 month, 6 month, or annual packages. Discounts applicable for extended contracts. 

  • Workstation Access 9am -12am | Private Desk, Ergonomic Chair, Work Lamp
  • Amenities | High Speed Internet, Document Printing Package, Communal Kitchen
  • Studio Time | 10 Hours Private Use Studio or Conference Room
  • Discounts | 25% off additional Studio / Think Tank reservations **


If you're more of a "freelancer," consider joining our Atelier as a member. With only 10 membership spots available, this exclusive relationship allows personalized access to the Atelier with a low monthly fee. As a member, you'll have 5 hours of dedicated studio / think tank time each period, and you can stop by anytime for a productive work day utilizing one of our stylish communal areas, including the computer bar, lounge, or round table. Members also receive discounted rates on additional studio / think tank time, so you can have private space when you need it most. 


Member contracts are available in 3 month increments. Discounts applicable for extended contracts. 

  • Workstation Access 9am -9pm | Computer Bar, Lounge, Round Table
  • Amenities | High Speed Internet, Communal Kitchen
  • Studio Time | 5 Hours Private Use Studio and Conference
  • Discounts | 15% of additional Studio / Think Tank reservations **

** Discounts applicable for bookings made within 72 hours of reservation.